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PHP is a widely-used language in internet. We suggest using the fastest, modern and secure technologies based on PHP language to our clients. Our PHP developers mostly use Symfony1.4/Symfony 2, Zend Framework and Doctrine ORM. We have a great experience in building REST API services.


iOS and Android platforms are the hottest today. We have extensive experience developing for iOS already. We have a good experience in making applications for iPhone and iPad.


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Python is a programming language that gives an opportunity to develop different kind of applications quickly. We often use Django, Django-CMS, Flask (flask-admin) and pure python. We also looking at Twisted, Pyramid frameworks as a base for our future development.


Our developers particularly focus on database schema development before writing application modules. We have a great experience in using PostgreSQL, MySQL for database driven web-applications, MongoDB as non-relational database and other.


Everyone knows that non-tested app is a broken app, thats why we are always trying to cover applications with tests as much as it possible. We do unit testing, selenium testing and some other. We also use a lot of online testing tools and validators to make web-applications W3C compliant.


Simply Design, XHTML, HTML5, JS and CSS works. We have very experienced frontend developers. We know how to make your web-site more attractive and modern. We have already done a lot of xhtml work. We have an excellent experience with JQuery, Twitter bootstrap libs.


2015-03-20 | PHP lead developer required
Web Direct is is looking for a Lead PHP developer to help build and improve a platform for our client.
The platform is based on the Symfony2 system, previous experience in Symfony is a plus. The ideal candidate will have at least 5 years of experience designing and developing web applications.
Previous experience with large projects that heavily leverage frameworks is a must.
The candidate will also need to be prepared to help junior and mid-level developers and have the ability to lead a network of developers around the world in continuously improving this platform.
The candidate must be team oriented and work well as part of a larger group.
The candidate must display excellent communication skills including both written and verbal.
• Lead a team to continue to design and develop a PHP platform based on Symfony 2
• Perform code reviews and keep the source code under control in Git.
• Deploy applications on linux environments.
• Maintain a flexible work schedule to meet various demands of client programming.

Job Requirements

5+ years of experience in PHP.
• Database design experience in MySQL
• Proficient with core web technologies including jQuery and CSS.
• Symfony 2 Framework (not a must-have but is a plus) • Understanding of the MVC design pattern, and practical experience with frameworks • REST Services (both consuming and designing)

We offer

+ Innovative technologies
+ Open-minded, friendly, colleagues
+ A comfortable office with a coffee machine and perfect parking place
+ Internal workshops & meetups

Please send your CV to cv@webdirect.md or contact by phone
2015-03-20 | PHP5 Developers required, Symfony is preffered
Web Direct is currently looking for an experienced PHP5 developer who uses symfony 2 or at least has basic knowledge's in this framework.
We offer
+ Innovative technologies
+ Open-minded, friendly, colleagues
+ A comfortable office with a coffee machine and perfect parking place
+ Internal workshops & meetups
Please send your CV to cv@webdirect.md or contact by phone
2014-12-30 | New positions opened
We are looking for:

  • Senior Android Developer

    Based in Moldova. Requirements: Perfect English is a must.

    • Senior Frontend Developer

      Based in Moldova. Requirements: HTML5/JS/CSS3.

    • Wordpress Developer

      Based in Moldova. Requirements: Good speaking English.

2013-06-24 | Devconf 2013 Moscow, Russia
Devconf 2013 Moscow, Russia - as expected, was the greatest internet software developers and software architects meeting in Russia. Exceptional master classes of high skilled developers, technical sessions and workshops on a wide range of key topics. Badoo, Topface and other famous companies shared their knowledges in architecting systems with high load, scalability techniques and how to improve performance in existing web applications.
2012-10-23 | Came back from IDCEE 2012 Kyiv
_DSC2609 _DSC2609 _DSC2609 _DSC2609 _DSC2609 _DSC2609
We have visited IDCEE 2012 in Kyiv. IDCEE is a platform for IT entrepreneurs from Central and Eastern Europe and Investors from all over the world. It is also the place were participants can share their experience, exchange ideas, do networking and establish business contacts.

2012-07-03 | We are at Developers conference 2012 in Moscow
_DSC2609 _DSC1993 _DSC2436 _DSC2799 _DSC2421 _DSC2733
DevConf2012 http://art.webdirect.md/?p=10 , in Moscow, Russia on Jun 9 - Jun 10. Invited speakers were: Derick Rethans (XDebug creator), David Soria Parra (active PHP contributor), Andrey Aksyonov (author of Sphinx), Alexander Makarov (one of the main contributors to Yii), Sergey Petrunya (of MariaDB fame), Ilya Alekseev (OpenStack Nova contributor)

2012-03-12 | SLYS CMF Q&A has been created.
SLYS CMF project has got a Q&A site at http://slys.webdirect.md/questions/.
2012-03-12 | Yet another blog created
We created just another blog for web-developers where they can post their everyday notes and tips. Your thoughts or ideas are welcome. http://blog.webdirect.md
2012-03-09 | Moldova is between 11 of most improved countries in doing busines
Moldova is between 11 of most improved countries in doing business Read more from source
2011-07-19 | Meet "SLYS" content management framework based on Zend Framework

Webdirect starts a new opensource project. Slys CMF - is a flexible content management framework which can be very helpful for web-developers in programming web based applications. The goal of the Slys CMF is to provide additional functionality that helps developers to work easily with different content modules, navigation trees and many other. Slys CMF keeps the project directories structure as it's recommended by Zend Framework standards. Developers can checkout source code from svn repository at http://code.google.com/p/slyscommerce/ and try it. Learn more about Slys CMF